black and blum forminimal utensil holder
black and blum forminimal utensil holder
Black and Blum


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A modern design that beautifully stores your knifes and utensils in one convenient stand. It also cleverly incorporates a slide out bamboo chopping board.

Gray color

  • Convenient for storing knives and utensils in one place
  • Integrated bamboo chopping board
  • Bamboo sticks are carbonised to prevent mould
  • Compact foot print and leaning angle, make items easy to access

Dimensions: L 18cm W 15cm H 29cm / L 7" W 6.1" H 11.4"


If you have a clean modern kitchen, you don’t want to have too many items littering your counter top. Anything that is left out, needs to complement your kitchen and also have a functional reason to be left out. Looking at the items that people interact with the most in the kitchen, we thought it made sense to combine knife and utensil storage together and also incorporate a convenient small chopping board.

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