Koziol Alice white coasters
Koziol Alice white coasters

Alice coasters

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Although she’s a petal-perfect rendering of a blooming bouquet, the ALICE coaster is anything but fragile and fussy. The robust material will form a strong barrier between sensitive tabletops and hard glass, porcelain and stoneware. Which also means, of course, that ALICE can take more than a slim cocktail glass. Steaming mugs of coffee and tea will be drawn by her charms as well

This set of 4 pretty decorative coasters are perfect for glasses, cups, mugs, bottles and vases and can also be used as glass markers when having a get together.

  • 4 solid white
  • Designed and made in Germany by Koziol

Dimensions: L12cm W12.5cm

Materials: 100% recyclable BPA and melamine free plastic

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