Mother's Day

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It is May and Mother's Day is almost here. 

Not many people wonder how it started and this is surely due to the fact that it's such a natural feeling - celebrating mothers in your life. Moms give us life and kiss our boo boos, they stay up nights and then energetically play dress up, or spend a day at the zoo, or a farm or run around shopping for healthiest snacks or cutest clothes. Moms worry. And there is so much to worry about! There are play dates and education, there are germs and sharing, naps and potties, eating healthy and eating anything at all, sweets and joys of childhood, trying to raise and adult and trying to protect from anything hard.

It is stressful and oh so rewarding. We do take all this hard work mostly for granted so we do need a day to remind us to celebrate mothers and make them feel as special as they really are ♥

But did you know that this holiday stared with different agenda? According to the origins can be traced to before Civil War when Ann Reeves Jarvis helped start clubs for teaching new moms proper children care and later these clubs were promoting reconciliation between Union and Confederate soldiers. Her daughter Anne Jarvis organized first official Mother's Day in May 1908. It was a success and Anne argued that holidays were biased toward male achievements, so she spearheaded  adoption of the special day honoring motherhood.

In 1914 President Woodrow Wilson officially established second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day.

It was originally conceived as a day of personal celebration between mother and families. But as it became national holiday florists and merchants capitalized on the opportunity and Mothers Day to this day is celebrated by giving mothers gifts and flowers. 

So make sure to celebrate Mother's Day how you see fit, but make sure mothers in your life feel loved and cherished. Buy flowers and gifts if you feel like it, or cook breakfast, bring it to bed don't forget to clean up (wink) and spend a day at the park. There is no one way to celebrate as long as mom feels the love ♥


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